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Woodshore House, Wentworth Estate

Woodshore House, Wentworth

Portnall Properties

Construction of a 900m2, 4m deep basement for a new build property on the Wentworth golf club estate in Surrey for Portnall Properties.

The site has adequate space to allow a battered dig and remove the need for piling for temporary works purposes.  The watertight concrete basement structure consisted of a ground bearing basement slab, 4m high retaining walls to the perimeter, 26 internal columns and a ground floor suspended slab capping the structure.  Two-sided shutters were used to form the retaining walls around the perimeter of the basement.  The basement slab includes a large swimming pool, separate hot tub, and a raised car park area which were all constructed using waterproof concrete.  In-situ concrete staircases were also constructed to provide access to the upper levels.  The varying levels required a pour plan and construction joint details to be discussed and agreed with Pudlo who were supplying the waterproof additive.  The ground floor slab included several drop beams and mushroom heads surrounding columns, each of which had to be incorporated into the deck pour.

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