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Whitehillocks WTW

Whitehillocks WTW

Global Infrastructure

Construction of a new clean backwash tank, with an adjoining pump chamber room near Angus in Scotland.  The main tank dimensions were 15.2m wide x 16.9m long x 4.45m high. Internal walls of the water tank required Zemdrain formwork liner to give an extended working life, due to the harsh nature of the water being treated.

The Whitehillocks WTW is a follow on project after successfully completing similar facilities for Global Infrastructure and their client ESD/Scottish Water. Engaged at an early stage in the project we were able to assist the site team with design issues, developing pour sequences, access arrangements and cranage.

The project was commended by Scottish water on the high standard achieved and the professional attitude of our team. It was completed in 9 weeks, 1 week ahead of programme.

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