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Versalis Production Plant, Grangemouth

Versalis (formerly Polimeri Europa UK), Grangemouth

Lagan Construction

The original works consist of construction of pile caps, sub base, columns and suspended slabs to Polimeri’ elastomer production plant.  Pad foundations and rafts for an overhead pipeline into a new section of the plant are being constructed along with columns of a 600m² substation building, suspended slab which involves forming a high-density drop beam and openings and a bunded wall base for a large cylindrical silo with a highly flammable section of the live plant.

Murform extended their contracted works at Versalis (formerly Polimeri) to include a fire mains tank base with an area of 65m x 15m and 28 upstands to hold one of the largest fire mains storage tanks in Europe. Further work was carried out to the effluent improvements works for the plant which included a 15m x 16m x 5m deep effluent improvements tank and 140 metres of in situ drainage channels.  These works ran concurrently with the grouting and installation of a large quantity of pipe and plant support plinths required for the M&E installation.

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