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Lostock EFW, Northwich, Cheshire

Our concrete works formed part of the transformation of the former coal-fired Lostock power station in Northwich, Cheshire into an energy-efficient, eco-friendly energy from waste (EfW) facility. This innovative facility is poised to generate sufficient energy to power a remarkable 125,000 homes annually.

Murform has played a vital role in this ambitious project, completing the construction of various reinforced concrete structures at the site, which include:

Water Purification Plant: This segment comprises concrete slabs spanning 350 square metres, featuring varying thicknesses and encompassed by a perimeter wall measuring 1.2 metres in height, 92 metres in length. In addition, hexagonal-shaped concrete plinths with a surface area of 290 square metres have been crafted with precision.

Office and Boilermakers Building: The foundations and concrete slab for this facility encompass an area of 870 square metres.

Pearns Substation Foundation: A foundation covering 100 square metres, complete with a slab, upstands, and plinths.

Substation B: This involves the foundation, slab, walls, upstands, encased columns, plinths, and a roof slab.

Office Building Core & Lift Shaft: These walls soar to a height of 15 metres, with an impressive 1,350 square metres of formwork.

Chemical Compound: The construction of the chemical compound’s slab and upstands, covering an area of 363 square metres.

This transformation project signifies a transition from coal power to sustainable energy and demonstrates Murform’s expertise and contribution in shaping a cleaner, greener energy future for the community.

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Waste & Energy

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Northwich, Cheshire

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