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Brechin Flood Protection, Angus

The Brechin Flood Prevention Scheme is an integrated flood and drainage scheme providing protection from flooding for the locals of Brechin in Angus for our client Morrison Construction.

Our work involved constructing the core elements of the project, including direct defence reinforced concrete walls, flood embankments and the installation of three new submerged pumping stations to the current surface water drainage system.
The majority of the walls were constructed with a form liner on the formwork to create an aesthetically pleasing finish that positively contributes to the urban landscape and supplies a comprehensive solution for managing flood risk.
As the work was undertaken in the central part of the town, the team needed to exercise particular care and consideration due to the surrounding residential areas, aiming to minimize disruption and ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Project Type:

Water Management

Main Contractor:

Morrison Construction


Brechin, Angus

Project Value:


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