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N17/N18 Gort to Tuam, County Galway

N17/N18 Gort to Tuam

Roadbridge Ltd

The N17/N18 Gort to Tuam PPP Project involves the construction of 57kms of new motorway and 4kms of Dual Carriageway between Tuam and Gort in County Galway, Ireland. The scheme once complete will allow traffic to bypass several adjacent towns along this stretch of road. It is designed to accommodate national traffic flows and will significantly improve safety and reduce journey times for road users travelling north-south along the West of Ireland.

The project is being completed by the Direct Route Consortium which consists of Roadbridge, Sisk, Lagan and Strabag.  Roadbridge have retained Murform to carry out the FRC works to 13 bridge structures in the North Section of the project. This comprises of 7 Overbridges, 2 Underbridges, 2 River bridges, 1 Railway bridge and 1 Pedestrian footbridge.

Works commenced in June 2015 and are due to be complete in early 2018.


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