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Catrineholm WWTW, Ayrshire

Catrineholm WWTW, Catrine, Ayrshire

Luddon Construction

Murform’s work consists of construction of a new Humus Tank for Luddon Construction, in conjunction with their client Jacobs and Scottish Water, to improve the waste water treatment from the village of Catrine in Ayrshire.  The RC works were challenging and complex.  Firstly a sloped cone in the centre of the base with cast in pockets for mechanical equipment had to be cast.  Following this we had to construct a circular base with a 1 in 5 slope and a polished concrete finish.  Finally the radius walls were 3.3m high, but the first 2m were to be formed as single sided due to excavation restrictions.  For this we worked in conjunction with Peri Ltd to design and supply their Rundflex radius formwork with large A-frames as shoring.  The outer face was formed by a bespoke timber shutter which had to incorporate a large soffit underneath due to the location of the piles.


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