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12 Southpark Crescent, Gerrards Cross

12 Southpark Crescent, Gerrards Cross

Mentmore Homes

A 600m2, 3m deep watertight basement construction at 12 Southpark Crescent in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire for Mentmore Homes. The basement will be used as a car park for the 3-storey apartment block to be built above it.   The building perimeter is very tight to the site boundary, so CFA piling was required for the perimeter of the basement.  Once the piling was complete, a reinforced concrete capping beam was poured lining the basement and the bulk dig commenced.

Pudlo was used to provide the watertight concrete mix for the basement slab, retaining walls and podium. The basement slab was a 350mm deep slab with 450mm deep thickenings, completed in one 250m3 pour.  One-sided retaining walls were poured lining the basement perimeter using Doka wall shutters and Doka A-Frames.  A section of the basement was capped with a 350mm thick podium slab, with the rest of the building being constructed in steel frame, precast slabs and blockwork.

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