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Hybrid Frame

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the construction industry, we at Murform predicted an exciting gap in the market for hybrid frame structures. Embracing new technologies and hybrid structural solutions, G-frame Structures was formed in 2010 as a sister company to Murform. G-frame specialise in the design and delivery of cross-laminated timber (CLT), glulam and hybrid structural solutions. Alongside Murform, G-frame Structures have an innovative attitude and in-depth knowledge of conventional and modern methods of construction to provide unique project support and solutions for your projects.

The close working relationship between Murform and G-frame Structures allows a seamless transition from the groundworks and reinforced concrete structure stages to the hybrid frame superstructure stage of a project. Close communication and internal collaboration ensure the important details and tolerances required to provide this smooth transition are carefully considered throughout the reinforced concrete works, along with monitoring and coordinating programmes for both stages of the project to mitigate any potential delays during the transition process. Offering a complete hybrid frame solution will relieve pressure on our client and remove any issues that can arise when coordinating hand-overs between different contractors.

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