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Sheerness Recycling Plant, Sittingbourne

The Sheerness Recycling Plant in Sittingbourne is a multifaceted project for clients Walker Construction.

Murform were contracted to complete the structural engineering works to construct reinforced concrete foundations, slabs, and walls for stockpiling of granular materials, also water and fluid tanks, a vehicular ramp for earth moving plant, and reinforced concrete support walls and plinths for machinery and plant.

A complex project, the heights of the required water tanks and stockpiles of stored granular material are such that considerable loads will be imposed on the supporting foundations and floor slabs. The heights of some of the support and retaining walls vary from 2.2 to 8.5m in height.

The following are approximate quantities of materials for the construction of the slabs & walls:

  • Approximately 650 piled foundations were created.
  • A total of 1900 square metres of concrete slab area was laid, requiring 872 cubic metres of concrete and 190 tonnes of reinforcement.
  • An extensive 5970 square metres of concrete yard slab was constructed, using 1190 cubic metres of concrete and 5970 square metres of mesh reinforcement.
  • The project featured 615 linear metres of walls with various heights and thicknesses, requiring 490 cubic metres of concrete and 108 tonnes of reinforcement.

This project stands as a remarkable testament to engineering excellence, skillfully blending expertise and precision to fulfill the complex requirements of a modern recycling facility.

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Walker Construction



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