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Ravenscraig, Ravenscraig to Motherwell

The project involved the construction of a new underbridge as part of works to upgrade the road connections between Motherwell and Ravenscraig for North Lanarkshire Council.

The 6,000-tonne bridge was constructed in a compound next to the West Coast Main Line for Network Rail and our client Story Contracting. The bridge was then transported under the adjacent railway line by our clients during a disruptive possession over Easter 2023

The main portal structure of the bridge is an incredible 30m x 31m x 10m high and was transported by a series of SPMT (Self-propelled modular transporters).

Through early involvement, we were able to engage with the designers and our supply chain to provide a collaborative approach to the permanent and temporary works designs. This was a key element that allowed us to construct the main structure in an impressive 16 weeks, taking almost 2 months of our original programme. It also facilitated great planning and coordination with our team and client Story Contracting.

In addition to the main bridge structure, we completed 18 precast wing walls, a task not to be underestimated given the substantial weight of 70 tonnes each and their towering height, exceeding 9 metres.

The successful completion of this monumental underbridge and its accompanying wing walls stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in construction.


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Story Contracting Ltd


Ravenscraig to Motherwell

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